It's time for our gifted students to embark on a wonderful learning journey

There has been a series of programmes to unleash the potential of gifted students in English. The aims are to explore students’ thinking and creativity abilities. We provide sequential and multiple educational activities to our gifted students at different levels so as to boost their English language skills.

With the help of our teachers (Mr Larsen, Mr Khan and Ms Loong), our gifted students enjoy playing with language in its oral and written forms, and exhibit understanding of the structure of language in speaking and writing.

Cambridge English

 (Engage themselves in an authentic atmosphere to learn English with fun)

- P.2 Starters , P.3 Movers , P.4 Flyers & P.5 KET

P.6 Grammar Booster 

(Have high sensitivity to language and get reward from diligence)


(Enrich their imagination to write a story with an advanced vocabulary

— their writing is not only “composition”, but it embraces life and reveals enthusiasm towards life)


 (Act in a spirit of cooperation and express themselves by using beautiful diction)


 (Enhance their critical thinking, problem solving skill and leadership)



2023 Cambridge English Examinations
KET (Grade A)

Flyers (14-15 shields)



Movers (15 shields)

2023 Canadian English Writing Competition (Arch Cup- Final)
Silver and Bronze Awards